Strawberry Champagne Cocktail: A Damned Good Drink


1 lb. frozen strawberries

1 bottle champagne (750 mL)

3 tbsp honey

2-4 splashes simple syrup

     My wife and I are polar opposites in nearly every way, and our drink preferences are no different; I favor a drink whose dominant flavor is that of a good rum, while she won’t drink anything that hasn’t been sweetened up enough to basically kill any taste of spirits. So, to appease her very ladylike palate, we tried out this very simple strawberry champagne cocktail. While I usually opt to use fresh fruits in my drinks, since this one is supposed to be akin to a sort of ‘slushie,’ we stuck with the frozen strawberries for convenience. This cocktail is one well suited for those who don’t especially care for the taste of alcohol in most forms.

    To prepare this concoction, dump the frozen berries, the entire bottle of champagne, the honey and simple syrup into a blender and blend to desired consistency. Before you pour, take a test drink to be sure you’re satisfied with the sweetness of the mix; while I’d have been happy with the few splashes of simple syrup I initially put in, my wife insisted that I add a couple more for her sake. It tastes fine either way. Pour this drink into chilled wine or cocktail glasses.

   If you like a drink that tastes like juice and masks the flavor (and kick) of alcohol almost completely, this recipe is for you. My wife actually made it nearly all of the way through her glass, which is a rare occurrence, so I count it as a win. Be advised, this recipe is going to provide a generous five to six glasses, if not more, so be prepared to share or, if you’re like me, don’t be ashamed to finish it all yourself. Though it isn’t going to make my list of favorite drinks as far as taste is concerned (too weak), I enjoyed the cocktail for the sheer volume of the stuff, so I’ll go ahead and consider it close enough to a damned good drink!


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